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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Live Eviction Episode + HOH Comp

Goooood evening, everybody!! :D The time has come..either Ronnie 'The Rat' get evicted or Lydia. My money is on Ronnie. :P

My cable is acting funny, so I just rebooted the soon as it comes on, I'll start blogging! (should be a few more mintues.

Meanwhile, the Chat Room is OPEN! Wanna chat? Click the blue 'Chat' button on the right side of the blog!)

Okay, my cable is back! YAYY! :D

8:03pm EST: SHOW STARTS!!!
Julie: "Who will recieved the power of Coupe d'etat? Find out later!"

Jordan: "We need 4 votes to get Ronnie's me, Jeff, Kevin, and Michele."
Ronnie: "I don't know if I have the votes."
Lydia: "There are no guarantees in this house."

They're showing Russell's paranoia the past few days.
They just showed Chima saying Week 2 that Chima wanted to backdoor Russell, and how Michele just told Russell that a few days ago.

Russell asking Jessie if Chima said "I wanna backdoor Russell", Jessie denies it & says 'whover' said it, is lying.

Russell wants to talk to Chima to see if it was true or not. (This is how the big fight the other night starts.)

Russell: "Michele said you wanna backdoor me."
Chima: "Go get her so we can clear the air."
Michele: "I was like..okay, whats going on. Chima does not look happy."

Michele in HOH, denies she said Chima wanted to backdoor Russell.
Russell gets BEYOND frustrated with Michele lying, straight to his face.
Chima turns on Russell "All you care about is yourself!"

...and the fight begins. (Which I covered in detail the other day.)


Ronnie saying he has 3 votes (Chima/Jessie/Natalie). He wants to get a sympothy vote from Jordan, not knowing that those 3 are gonna vote for Ronnie to stay.

Awww the romance between Jeff/Jordan.
Jordan: "Jeff is a good kisser!! He's not all sloppy."
Jeff: "We were foolin' around a bit and Ronnie was in there."
Jeff said (in so many words) that Ronnie is a cock-blocker. lol :P

Julie is talking to the HG's live.
Julie asked Jordan about the fight, and she said "I was just trying to stay out of it." Then Julie asked Jessie about being on slop...he talked "Jessie" talk that didn't really make sense. lol :P

Up next, the Coupe d'etat!!

Julie is talking to Russell.
Julie: "Did your emotions get the best of you?"
Russell said yes & that everyone snapped at the same was a melting pot. Russell said it's gonna be tricky to play without the HOH power now & he's unsure. Russell just said that he's loyal to both Jeff AND Jessie, he's gonna go as far as he can before deciding which one he will go to the end with.

Winner of the Coup d'etat is:


Jeff thanked America & said he's gonna flip the house upside down.

Julie just announced that someone has the Coup d'etat.
Julie: "If someone has the power & wants to use it tonight, please stand up NOW!"
(Nobody stood up.)

Ronie is crying during his 'keep me' speech.
Ronnie to Michele: "You're the worst human being that I ever encountered in my life."

**Ronnie is sooo going home. lol :P

Time for the Votes:
Kevin votes to evict...Ronnie.
Natalie votes to evict..Lydia.
Chima votes to evict...Lydia.
Jessie votes to evict...Lydia.
Michele votes to evict...Ronnie.
Jeff votes to evict...Ronnie.
Jordan votes to evict...Ronnie.

Evicted from the BB house is:


Michele (or was it Nat??) said "I never had any ill-will towards you." and Ronnie said "BE QUIET! And...scene!" and walked out. (lol)

Coming up next...the HOH Comp! (It's a question comp).

Team Jeff fans: hope that Jeff DOESN'T win HOH this week! It would be better if he lost this week, so he could play next week!

Michele & Lydia are OUT.
Jessie is OUT.
Jeff & Jordan are OUT.
Kevin & Natalie are OUT>

The New HOH is:


(Too bad her HOH doesn't mean crap this week. lol ;-) AND Natalie & Jess can be nominated!!!!!!)

(Keep Refreshing)

Stay tuned...

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