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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

Wow...I'm exhausted from posting everything that went down last night, but damn..that was some must-see-tv! lol ;-)

I'm going to go through the past few hours since the HG's have been up to see what all I missed so far today.

*Jessie/Russell talked this morning up in the HOH. Jessie told Russ that the house was gonna explode at some point, it was inevitable. He just didn't wanna be in the middle of it.
*Michele/Russell talked in the kitchen area this morning as well. Michele told him that she wan't lying. Russell said that Chima made the fight personal (Russ not wanting Chima, as Chima wanted Russ). Michele told Russ that she's scared he doesn't trust her now. Michele said she had to throw him under the bus so HG's wouldn't suspect their alliance & says she's still with him in their alliance.

Moving on:

Currently on the feeds...

1:22pm BBT:
The house is VERY quiet.
Russell is outside alone.
Jordan just woke up.
Lydia is making a hot dog.
Ronnie is by Lydia in the kitchen.

Michele is in the Diary Room.
Everybody else...sleeping.

1:43pm BBT:

Jordan is shaving her legs.
Lydia is tanning.

All feeds are on the two girls in the BY. Not a single word is being said at the moment.

**Some of ya'll have asked me if the Michele/Russ/Jeff/Jordan alliance will hold up. I'm not sure. Today, Russ/Michele talked and they're proclaimed that they still have each others backs in the game, but Jeff/Jordan have yet to sit down & talk about everything. (Jeff said about 20 mins that he & Jordan need to talk & analyze everything.)

2:30pm BBT:

They did some Ronnie bashing and re-lived last nights events.

2:35pm BBT:
Chima is in the main bathroom, getting ready for the day.
Jeff & Lydia are in the kitchen.

Lydia: "What time did you go to bed?"
Jeff: "Late. I dunno. What time did you go to bed?"
Lydia: "4am, I think?"

2:39pm BBT:
Living Room

Lydia & Kevin are talking about the Coup D'etat & how it'll be used. Kevin said that whoever is HOH, and if the 'wizard power' is used, then that HOH is f*cked because they would have already "shown their cards". (I wonder if it would be smart for Jeff throw HOH this week, if he indeed does win the Coup D'etat. Hmm.)

Talk turns to lesbians/gays being cast for BB.
Lydia: "Has there ever been a lesbian? Or just gay guys?"
Kevin: "I think just gay guys. Ehh..we're more fabulous than lesbians anyways."

2:53pm BBT:

Michele tells Jordan that their alliance is still good. (Jeff/Jordan/Michele/Russ)

Michele: "It's still us 4. Russell should have never brought me up that room last night, so I had to throw him under the bus a little bit to save my own ass."

They move to the pool.
Talk continues but I can't a single word of it. Their mics aren't on & the background noise is over-powering their whispers.

Jeff & Chima join Kevin/Lydia.

They're talking about getting fat, pregnant women & C-sections.
Kevin: "If I was a woman, I'd get a C-section."
Now their talking about vaginal tearing during birth (sorry guys of the blog! lol)
Jeff: "That really happens???? YAMMMA MAMAAA!!!" (lol)
They talk about how women sometimes go poo as they give birth.
Jeff: "If someone would have my baby, I'd let them shit on me."

Jeff is still amazed at the whole vaginal ripping thing. lol
Jeff: "That's probably why dudes pass out watching that shit!!"

3:28pm BBT:

Michele told Jordan about how some HG's make fun of Jordan/Jeff, and that Jessie called Jordan "stupid".

"How long are you gonna pretend to be mad at Russell?" (They must have talked about that when their mics weren't on because I didn't hear that.)
Michele: "Oh who knows."
Jordan: "You better not backstab me."
Michele: "I won't. And I know that I can trust you."

3:37pm BBT:
Workout Room

They discussed about how they think Chima used the "poor me" victim thing last night to her advantage. Natalie said that she's a loose canon.

Talk turns to last night.
Jessie: "Russell told me that he appreciated you (Natalie) not taking Chima's side last night."
Natalie: "I think I played both sides (Russell/Chima during the fight) perfectly."
Jessie: "Russ told me that he only has me (Jessie), you (Nat), and Jeff."
Natalie: "What about Jordan?"
Jessie: "He said he doesn't think he has her anymore."

Feeds switch to standby mode for 2 minutes...
and they're back.

3:57pm BBT:
Pool Room
They started to talk game a little bit (Jordan's mic was way too low to hear her though), but I know they were talking about Michele (Jeff said her name). Then Michele walked in, their convo ended.

Michele is now telling Jordan/Jeff how Natalie tried to tell her it would be smart to use the POV to save Ronnie. Michele said that it was best for Natalie, not for her own game play.

**Nothing much going on the past hour. Jordan & Jeff are having some cute moments in the pool room. Jordan said she doesn't wanna kiss on camera because her grandfather is watching. Jeff, joking, said "grandpa needs to go grow up. JOKING!"

4:27pm BBT:
Pool Room
Jordan asked Michele & Jeff if they should talk to Kevin.
Michele: "About the vote or about in the future?"
Jordan: "Next week."
Jeff: "I don't know. The thing is, his partner, is with the other (side of the house). So it's risky."

Michele & Jeff agree that Jessie is playing Lydia, but she doesn't see it that way.

4:40pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Lydia went outside & said that she, Kevin, Chima, & Michele need to have a group meeting...without Natalie.
Natalie: "I see who's not on my side."

Talk turns to not understanding why Jessie is talking to Russell. They want to know why Natalie is still talking to him (Russ).

Lydia: "You told Michele that she supports a racist (for voting Braden to stay) & a bigot, so that makes her that, right? Well then you obviously support a misogynist since he (Russ) has disrespected females..all the girls in the house. You're saying one thing, and then doing another. You're being a hypocrite."

4:46pm BBT:
Chima is mad that Russell & Jessie are talking in the kitchen (they've been talking for over an hour now.) She wants to get the "meatheads" out of the house. (Natalie is still there hearing this.)

Lydia & Chima are semi-yelling at Natalie because she just said that she hasn't lied in the game and Lydia says that's bullshit..everybody has lied at this point.

Chima: "Russell can eat a d*ck, I'm serious."
Russell bashing on Chima's part still continues.

5:13pm BBT:

Dinning Room Area

Natalie: "Chima said that as long as you're talking to Russell, you & her have nothing to talk about."

They move into the main bathroom for more privacy.

She also tells Jessie that Chima wants the "meatheads" out, and that Chima wants the girls to group together.
Natalie: "If I win HOH, it's gonna be Lydia & Michele. You need to stop talking to Lydia, Jessie! She doesn't benefit you at all. At all. When she does talk to you, all she does is lie anyways & talks shit right in front of my f*cking face."

Jessie looks beyond irritated.

Jessie: "If you win HOH, just lock the door & don't talk to anybody."

**My BB instinct is telling me there's gonna be another blowout today. A small one, but a blowout nonetheless. lol

Natalie just told Jessie that she's going to vote to keep Ronnie that Jessie should do the same thing in case there's an extra vote.

**Okay guys & gals, I'm outta here until tonight's episode is over. I'll be in the chat room though!! I'll start blogging again around 7pm BBT! :)

Stay tuned...

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