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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Overnight the middle of the night!

Let me start this post with this:
If you have the live feeds, turn'em on! If you don't, get'em!!! lol

It's 3:30am EST and I just wanted to blog real quick for those of you who don't have Showtime and/or the live feeds. (I'll go more into detail in the morning, along with DETAILED pictures!!)

First, the Cliffnotes:
1) Russell/Michele/Chima fought.
2) Russell/Chima fought. (almost violently, on Chima's part).
3) Kevin/Ronnie fought, Kevin physically 'pushed' Ronnie, using his chest/body.
4) Russel/Chima fought..again! (instigated by Chima)
5) Natalie/Michele fought
6) Kevin/Ronnie fought again.

Chima: During Round 2 of the Russell/Chima fight, things got pretty heated for several minutes. Chima put her hand on Russell's shoulder in a condescending way, Russell put both of his hands in the air & said repeatedly "Don't touch me!". She then wanted to attack him, but Kevin/Jeff/Natalie stepped in. This was on top of her already trying to instigate another fight with Russell by filling up a glass with water, tracking Russell down, and throwing water on him as he played pool by himself. Also, Chima used some pretty strong words (I believe calling Russell a "terrorist" was one of them..I'll get the transcript in the morning).

Kevin: During Kevin/Ronnie's first round of fighting in the main bathroom, Kevin chest-bumped Ronnie. That is clearly physical contact in a threatening matter.

**I'm leaving my opinions out this...even though I'm biting my tongue so hard that I think it's bleeding. lol I'll leave it up to you fans to tell me what ya think.**

It's worth noting that Jeff stayed pretty much out of everything tonight. Also, Jessie was in the Have Nots room the whole time so he also stayed out of everything (he said his stomach was upset), and Lydia joined Jessie later on so she only witnessed about half of the fights. Jordan stayed out of everything, but she did some note-comparing with Michele after everything was done (in the Workout Room), which could come back to haunt her later on. We'll see.

Oh, and Ronnie cried. Hardcore.

I think Chima, Russell, & Michele did too much damage to their game tonight. Let's see how it plays out from here!

In the meantime, I'm going to bed. lol It's late (4am EST), so please let me sleep in a little. lol I'll be back on here about 5 minutes after I wake up. :)

Stay tuned...

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