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Monday, August 3, 2009

Overnight Report

Good morning, everyone! It's Monday, which means that today is the POV Ceremony! Will Michele use the veto to save Lydia or Ronnie? Nope. She's ready to get Ronnie "The Rat" out of the house!

I've been awake since 6am BBT, but my brain hasn't switched on yet. lol :P I'm gonna make some coffee & hopefully that'll do the trick!

**Okay, I have some coffee in my system & I'm feeling alive now. LOL :P Let's do this!!

Last night, there was some kind of confusion about certain HG's "talking" to other HG's. Since this wasn't shown on the feeds, I'm not totally clear on what happened. It was all a misunderstanding though.

One thing that did happen was that Jordan was defending Casey when other HG's were making fun of him, and Jordan defending Casey got Lydia mad. Jeff then got mad for a brief minute with Jordan because it puts her out there for no reason. Russell and Jeff said that Jordan should try and keep somethings to herself but that she is too nice of a person to not defend Casey.

I do know that Russell thought that Jessie/Chima/Michele were all talking in the Workout Room...making Russell paranoid that Michele was working with Jessie...when it fact is was only Michele & Chima. Chima, who had some wine, was venting to Michele about Russell.

In other news, Jessie spent alot more time with Lydia all last night and up to the early hours of the morning. He's taking a "3 day break" from Natalie. He's tired of her controlling who he can/cannot talk to.

And in case you were wondering, Jessie spent a nice amount of time still complaining that Jeff should be on slop and not him. (Geez..get over it!! lol)

9:49pm BBT:
Workout Room

Chima was bashing Russell to Michele. Michele played it off & basically agreed with her by doing alot of "Mm Hmm's", but it was all an act. She even told Jeff/Jordan shortly thereafter that Chima was complaining about Russell.

10:17pm BBT:

Russell told Jeff & Jordan that Jessie and Chima are his next targets. Considering that Jeff & Jordan also want Jessie out, I'm guessing that Jessie's days are now numbered. If Jeff wins the "Wizard Power" (as the HG's are calling it), then Jessie very well might be going home next week!

11:25pm BBT:

Jeff told Russ that Jessie was not talking to Mich and Chima earlier (this is the part I was confused on..didn't see this happen.) He said that Michele said Chima were talking about Russ & that Michele was just being a friend because Chima had been drinking.

Jeff reassured Russell that Michele is still on board (with the alliance). Russell asked if he trusts Mich and Jeff said "100%!".

Russ then asked Jeff how he's supposed to tell Chima that he isn't interested in her, without causing a scene. Jeff suggested the whole "I'm not ready for a girlfriend" bit. Jeff suggests that he uses Chima to his advantage, even though she's a hard girl to deal with.

Russell also said that he doesn't trust Jessie/Natalie now. Jeff tells him that he shouldn't & to be careful because once Ronnie is gone, Team Jessie is gonna try to pull him back to their side. They also agreed that they can't trust Lydia because she's too into Jessie & tells him everything.

1:17am BBT:
Red Room

Jordan and Jeff cuddled & fell asleep shortly after.

2:06am BBT:

Natalie lied to Kevin, saying that it wasn't her that 'ratted him out' about eating grapes while he's on slop this week (when it fact it was, or at least that's what she told Jessie).

On the subject of the 'Wizard Power', Natalie thinks Jeff or Jordan will get it.

4:00am BBT:

Kevin/Lydia decided to pull a prank on Russell. They saran wrapped the outside of his door. (He hasn't woken up yet, this should be funny to watch this morning! lol)

And that's it for the Overnight Report!!

**As of 9:03am BBT, Russell still hasn't left the HOH room to discover the saran wrap yet, so turn on the feeds!!

Stay tuned...

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