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Friday, August 7, 2009

Morning in the BB House

The HG's were woken up at 9:30am BBT. Everybody but Jessie/Russell are up & roaming the house. Like I said in the overnighter, I have a doctors appt. @ 12pm BBT, so I'm gonna be offline between approx. 10:30am BBT-2pm BBT, but don't worry, I'll get us all caught up on the happenings in the BB house as soon as I get back home! ;-)

Today, the HG's will compete in the Have/Have Not's Food Comp & then Nominations (which really won't matter since Jeff can/probably will overthrow them anyways.) Next week, Jeff/Jordan will be able to play for HOH, plus Chima won't be able to play, AND a member of 'Team Jessie' will be Jeff/Jordan some pretty good odds at winning! Okay, let's see what the HG's are up to...

Currently on the feeds...

9:50am BBT:
Main Bathroom

Jeff just put in his contacts...

...Jordan is complaining about her boobs hurting her today. (her implants.)

Michele is taking a shower.

9:55am BBT:
Michele done with shower, now Lydia is in the shower.

Jeff just made a bagel with cream cheese & is eating it at the table.

**Sidenote: I'll post the interview with Ross Mathews as soon as it's uploaded. Ross said on Twitter (about an hour ago) that it's taking a looong time to upload, so be patient. :)

10:16am BBT:
All feeds on Lydia making breakfast.
Kevin joins her.

Kevin: "That's so weird that the (food comp) is so early today! Probably because of nominations."
Lydia: "Yep."

10:27am BBT:
Michele roams through the kitchen area as Kevin is eating his breakfast.
Kevin: "How did you sleep?"
Michele: "Surprisingly good!"
Kevin: "Now that Ronnie is gone?"
Michele: "Ya."

**Alrighty, ya'll..I gotta get outta here for my Dr.'s appointment. I'll be back around 2pm BBT! The HG's should start their Have/Have Not's comp soon and will probably last for an hour or two, then Nominations later this afternoon. I doubt we'll miss much in the next few hours. I'll be back with the Afternoon post around 2pm BBT, so look for it around then!! :D

Stay tuned...

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