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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Overnighter

Good morning/afternoon, everybody! :D The Overnighter is gonna be delayed, thanks to the hubby having his co-workers over before a company golf outing that I as not aware of until they showed up. lol Kinda hard to do the overnighter with 4 men laughing/talking loud/playing poker nearby. :P

I'm gonna try my best to get what I can before they leave (in about 20 mins), but please be patient..I'm trying my best.

**Due to my time being very limited this morning, there's not gonna be any time stamps or pictures. Just the breakdown. I had to go through 8 hours of transcripts to get the Overnighter, and these are the meaty parts.

Michele told Natalie that Lydia wanted Jeff out of the house, while Lydia was in her mute phase (which BB later on told Lydia she "can't play the game like that".) Natalie then told Jessie. This pissed Natalie off something awful because now her name is thrown out there & it could come back to haunt her.

**Sidenote: Later on, Michele makes it clear to Natalie/Chima/Kevin that she is in fact NOT gunning for Jeff.

Lydia told Jeff what Michele said & that it couldn't have possibly happened at the time Michele claims she heard Lydia say that, since she (Lydia) wasn't even speaking during the time.

Lydia confronted Michele about it (after Jordan suggested she ask Michele directly), Michele ADMITS she said it, but changes her story a bit...Michele said she must have heard it 'the other day', instead of last night.

As Michele & Russell played pool, Russell re-hashed the whole Chima/Russell/Michele fight in the HOH the other day. (The fight that caused the huge blowout between Russ/Chima.) Michele goes back on her stories, denies some of Russell's claims, while others she admits to. The convo turned into a word game at one point. Michele said that it's been brought up "500 times", Russell said that's not true, Michele said "Fine, then it was like 10-15 times, whatever! I'm not keeping tally."

Jeff comes out and is laying on one of the backyard loungers listening. He never said a word.

Michele eventually gets pissed & says "F*ck you!" to Russell and walks inside the house. She goes straight up to the HOH room where Chima/Natalie were. Michele, pissed off, starts venting her anger & telling the girls what just happened between her & Russ. Natalie takes the opportunity to go off about Jessie and how she's "done" with him (because he won't stop talking to Lydia.)

Jeff goes back to the Pool Room & tells Jordan (who was sleeping) what just happened.

Jeff: "Michele is acting crazy."

Back up in the HOH room...

Kevin joins Natalie/Chima/Michele. Kevin said he thinks Jeff or Jordan have the 'wizard power'.

Chima mentions that if Jess does have the Coup d'etat, and uses, then all hell is gonna break loose on live tv. (Ohhh!! That should be fun to watch!! lol ;-) )

12:37pm BBT:
Pool Room

Jeff is inching his way closer to exposing himself as the holder of the Coup d'etat.

Jeff: "If I make a decision, it’s gonna affect you too. Are you ok with that?"
Jordan: "Ya. What are you talking about?"
Jeff: "Nothing, just in general."
Jordan: "I’ve been with you from the beginning. We have to make a move, let’s do it."

Sidenote: This basically means that he's gonna use his 'wizard power' to overthrow at least one of the nom's. And from he's been saying the past 2 days, he's going to put up Jessie.


Russell calls Michele "crazy" to her face, Michele said she's not crazy..she's just an easy person to attack. Russell then makes fun of Michele to Jessie and they both have a laugh.

That's it for the Overnighter!!

Okay, since the morning in the BB house has passed, I'm gonna dive right on into the Afternoon post! :D

Stay tuned...

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