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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Overnight Review

Good morning, everyone!! We FINALLLLLLYYY made it; today is the Live Eviction!! YAYYY!!! :-D It's been one hell of a long week & I'm soo glad it's over now. lol :P

Okay, let me go get the O.R. & I'll be back to post it!

9:06pm BBT:
Natalie got pissed because Jessie talked to Lydia for awhile last night, after she gave specific instructions to not talk to her again. Chima told her to talk to Jessie after her shower was done. (Natalie finally took a shower!! Yay! lol)

9:23pm BBT:
Backyard Couches
Michele had a mental breakdown.

Jordan: "Why are you crying?"
Michele: "Because I hate this f*cking house!"

9:35pm BBT:
Kevin told Jeff/Jordan/Michele last night in the backyard that he doesn't know what to feel because his best friend in the house (Lydia) is lying to him. Regardless, he's not gonna evict her this week.

10:00pm BBT:
Workout Room

Jessie told Jeff that he won't put Jeff up this week if he wins HOH. (This is basically Jessie covering his ass because he thinks Jeff will get the Coupe d'etat.) He also tried to get Jeff to vote for Ronnie, Jeff wasn't buying it. Jessie even tried to pull a fast one on Jeff by saying that he never planned to put up Jeff when he was HOH, but then Jeff pointed it out that he couldn't before because of the cliques. lol

11:22pm BBT:
Russell still thinks Michele is lying about Greengate scandal. lol (Michele said she wasn't in the Green Room..aka Workout Room...with Jessie/Nat. But Jessie/Nat are lying and saying that she was. This 1 topic alone has been the cause of many of the fights in the house. Silly, I know.) Russell believes Jess/Nat...not Michele.

11:40pm BBT:

Jordan says Jess is trying to cover his tracks, Jeff agrees and says he's sick of it. Also, Jeff/Jordan want to get Michelle to talk to Russell so that their 4 person alliance is "cool".

12:00am BBT:
Backyard Couch
Chima confronts Russell. (Fact: The fight was NOT fake.) They go back & forth...Chima denies hitting on Russell...Russell saying she hit on him all the time...back/forth, back/forth. Lydia is there during this & asked Chima is she called her (Lydia) a "whore". Chima denies it over & over again, finally admitting she did. Lydia said she can't just "let it go" and that if Chima was in her place, she would not let it go either. Russell agrees with Lydia.

1:28am BBT;
The end result on the whole Chima/Russ thing is that Chima does not accept apology and does not consider Russ a friend.

1:35am BBT:
Ronnie said he's going to bash Michele during live show. (Not really a shocker. lol) Here is his speech:

"I only have one regret in this house and that is being nice to you, Michele. You are a borderline sociopathic insane person who doesn't understand how to relate to people. And in your case, PhD stands for "Pile It High & Deeper", which is why you wear blue contacts because you're full of CRAP. And I will be watching at home and laughing and loving it when they run you out that door next week."

3:12am BBT:
Natalie told Ronnie to go wake up Jordan/Michele in the Pool Room, then Jeff in the Red Room. He goes in and starts banging drawers and turned on the lights. (This is Natalie's brilliant idea to make them think that Ronnie has the wizard power.)

3:31am BBT:
Jordan/Lydia/Michele talk about putting shoes by the door to trip Ronnie. Instead, Michele grabbed Ronnie's glasses and hid them under a hat.

Jordan: "It's War!"

3:33am BBT:
Ronnie can't find his glasses and starts to fight with Michele. Ronnie said Jeff offered him the bed if Ron was staying up all night that he wanted to go in the Pool Room. Ronnie getting his things together to move out of the Pool Room. He looked for his glasses and couldn't find them. Ronnie gets pissed.

Ronnie: "I suggest you girls give me my hat and glasses back !"
Michele: "Oh well you better find them."
Ronnie: "Michele you better give it back to me or I'll make your life a living hell!" Don't play these games with me!"
Michele: "You started it by coming in here and slamming stuff."
Ronnie: "Okay, play that game and you see what happens!"

Ron sits there and stares at them.

Jordan: "This house is nuts!"
Ronnie threatened to jerk the covers off of all of them and keep them up until he gets his stuff back. Michele asks why he would mess with them. Ronnie says he will mess with everyone because they are all laughing with Michele and know where they put his glasses. Lydia said she doesn't know who did what. She warns Ronnie that if he touches them (Jordan/Lydia/Michele) that it's grounds for him to get kicked out. Ronnie said he will throw their stuff on the ground.

Lydia: "If you touch my shit, we will have a problem!"
Ronnie: "As long as I touch you, I'm okay."

3:49am BBT:
Natalie told Ronnie to "Tear the room apart, throw the mattresses". So Ronnie starts ripping covers off the beds, etc.

3:56am BBT:
Ronnie: (to Michele) "If I leave this house without my stuff then you are officially a thief!"

Ronnie finds his glasses, but not his hat.

3:59am BBT:
Ronnie told Michele that she has the ugliest picture on the memory wall & a pig nose.

4:14am BBT:
Natalie told Jessie that if he wins HOH, that she'll give him a kiss.

And that's it for the overnighter! ;-)
Morning post starting soon!!

Stay tuned...

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