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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Overnight Happenings: Pure Madness!!

Okay, guys & gals! I'm up & ready to dish out all the madness that happened last night. I'm using the Flashback feature on the live feeds to assist me in word-for-word conversations & pictures of everything. (The morning report might not happen today, but don't worry, I'll get ya'll caught up to speed in the early afternoon report in about an hour!! :D )

**It's important to keep in mind that Russell had made Final 2 deals with alot of people (he's just trying to play the game like anyone else would.)

9:00pm BBT:

They talk about how Michele is plotting against the guys in the house, wanting to form an all girls alliance (which includes Kevin).

Jessie: "[Michele] is planting a ton of seeds so that nobody comes after her."
Russell: "I'm gonna tell you right now, you're my only number 2." (Final 2 alliance)
Jessie: "As you are mine, dude."

10:04pm BBT:

Russell & Chima asked Michele to come up to the HOH room to clear some lies up. Turns out that Michele was saying that Chima said she wanted Russell out of the house. (This is actually true because Chima told Ronnie this in the pool room the other day when they were alone..but that particular convo has nothing to do with this one.)

"But I didn't say that shit!" (re: wanting Russell out)
Michele: "I didn't say that you SAID that, I said that it COULD happen."
Russell: "We're playing word games, now!" (Michele twisting her words)

Chima said she never said that.
Michele said Chima never said that.
Russell told Michele she told HIM that, one on one.

And here is the moment in the night where everything just started to go to hell in a handbasket. lol :P

Chima: "My first thought when I heard that, was...Russell is lying. You're lying!
Russell: "That's fine, you can believe whoever the hell you want, I really DON'T CARE right now."

Russell gets up, says he's had enough and he's inching for the door.
Chima: "You can't call people into a room and then walk away!"
Russell: "I'm walking away because she (Michele) is LYING!"

Chima: "...the fact that you just said you don't a give f*ck about what I believe, makes me think you're only thinking about yourself & you will lie about anything!"

(screaming starts)
Russell: "Fine! Think that, think that! Get out!" (Russ walks out the door mumbling 'f*cking dumbasses, man!')

Chima & Michele follow him.
They start fighting, face to face.

Chima: "You're f*cking full of SHIT! YOU'RE FULL OF SHIT, RUSSELL!! You're the f*cking rat! You're the rat in this house!!"
Russell: "Just because you scream it doesn't make you right! It doesn't mean you're right!"

They go outside & Chima starts yelling to everyone in the BY to not trust Russell because he's 'talking shit'. Then they get face to face again.

Chima screamed in his right ear as loud as she could, then walked back in the house.
Russell: "How old are you? 34? Act your age!"
Chima, who's in the kitchen area at this point, turns around to go back outside, Natalie holds her back (somewhat). Kevin is holding the door closed from the BY side of it so that Chima can't come out.

In case you were wondering, this is what Jeff did the whole night. lol

11:11pm BBT:
Main Bathroom
Kevin/Lydia/Natalie/Michele/Chima (later comes Ronnie)

They're all sharing Russell stories..things that Russell said not to tell anybody else, etc etc. This only fuels the fire that is already burning out of control.

Kevin..calmy..tells Ronnie that everybody knew he (Ron) was aligned secretly with Russell. Ronnie flat out denies this. Kevin gets pissed.

Ronnie: "Since you're big on anologys, let me throw you this f*ckin' analogy right now! And if you say otherwise, YOU ARE A LIAR!"

Kevin gets up & they BOTH start heading towards each other at the same time. Kevin calling him a liar, Ronnie callin Kevin a liar, etc etc. (This is where the Chest-Bump happened.)

11:30pm BBT:
Chima comes out of the Diary Room and says that throwing water on a HG is not against the rules, but is strongly discouraged.

Chima: "So since it's not against the rules, here I go!"
Chima walks in the backyard where Russell is playing pool by himself.

(Jordan's face is priceless when she hears Natalie say that Chima is gonna throw water on Russ).

11:31pm BBT:
Backyard Pool Table Area

Chima: "So...I've been hitting on you? Is this what you're telling people?"

Russell doesn't say a word.

(FYI, Chima had been flirting with Russell for a week or two now. I've reported those times here on the blog, so that's actually true. But Chima denies ever wanting to 'hook up' with him.)

Chima: "So you're not gonna say anything to me now?"
Russell: "No, I have a job & I don't wanna be on tv...(making a big mistake). I have a great job."
Chima throws water in his face.

Chima: "F*ck you, f*cker!!" ...and walks away.

Russell waits a minute & then follows Chima inside & starts telling him all the ways that she has flirted with him, things that she has said, etc etc. This fight lasts for several minutes & get's pretty heated!!

**You DEFINITLEY want to watch this one the flashback feeds!! (For this particular fight, start at 11:30pm BBT.)

I just posted the Ronnie/Kevin above (forgot what time that happened, had to squeeze it in. lol) Check it out!!

11:33pm BBT:
Dinning Room Area/Memory Board
Russell & Chima go at it again!

Russell is outing Chima for all of her advances (If Jessie didn't hide out, I'm sure Russell would have asked him to confirm that is was Jessie who first told Russell in the storage room weeks ago that Chima had the hots for him..but he wasn't there.)

Chima put her hands on Russell, Russell pushed her away.


Chima then gets nose to nose with Russell.

Chima: "You small d*ck, motherf*cker! You're short & your d*ck is short!"

(Fact: It is *not* small. lol Russell exposed his 'love muscle' week 2 on the feeds as he was changing pants. :P)

11:42pm BBT:
Red Room

Ronnie is crying...more like Chima about Kevin chest-bumping Ronnie.

Ronnie: "They're reviewing the tapes right now! I pray to GOD that was shown on the live feeds!" (crying)
Chima: "I didn't see him chest bump you."
Ronnie: "He did! Why do you think I almost fell backwards??!"

Ronnie: "I hope they roll that beautiful bean footage!"

Meanwhile, Natalie & Michele are getting into it in the Living Room because Michele said that by hanging out with Ronnie who disrepected people in the house, that Natalie is being disrepectful. Natalie tells Michele that SHE was disrespectful for voting for Braden to stay & that she supported a biggot. Michele said she voted AGAINST Chima that week, not FOR Braden. Natalie said it was the same thing.

Natalie goes into the Red Room where Ronnie/Chima are at and starts going off about their fight.
Chima: "She voted for Braden only because she wanted me out. It's that simple."
(I was surprised that Chima was on Michele's side of the arguement, not Natalie's.)

11:40pm BBT:
Red Room
Ronnie/Chima/Natalie/Michele (Kevin comes in a minute later)

Natalie & Ronnie are going off on Michele, Michele is trying to state her point.
Ronnie is yelling at Michele, then Kevin comes in the room screaming at Ronnie..

Kevin: "SHUT THE F*CK UP RONNIE!! SHUT THE F*CK UUUUUP!!" (throws blanket on Ronnie)

Chima tells Kevin, calmly, to chill out because she just got 'talked to' in the Diary Room by BB. Wanting to get a little control of the house, BB calls in EVERYBODY that was involved in the fights during the night & tells them to stay 3 feet away from each other (ex: no more nose-to-nose fights, etc.)

Okay, that ends all the fighting portions of the night. lol :P I covered the fight as detailed as I could, but is MUCH better to see the whole thing go down! If you have the feeds, use the Flashback'll thank me later!!!

The rest of the night, the HG's relived the fights, talked about who said what, etc etc. I'm gonna get started on the Early Afternoon post now!

Stay tuned...

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