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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House (Part 2)

The original afternoon post got wayyy too long. lol Starting a Part 2!!

Currently on the feeds...

4:43pm BBT:
Red Room
They're all being honest...totally honest with each other.

Chima tells Kevin that Lydia threw him under the bus with the whole chess game analogy. Kevin says he knows. Now Kevin is telling Jessie that he threw Kevin under the bus.

Natalie is 'barking' at Kevin.
Kevin: "I feel like a pawn in this game." (talking about the chess game analogy)
Natalie: "HOW? You've never been on the block!!"
Kevin is getting irritated.
Lydia just told Natalie to "shut the f*ck up".

Lydia: "Kevin, what happend yesterday (the fight) is gonna happen again!" (walks out of the room)

Convo still going on...

Ronnie is in the next room (the pool room) listening.
Natalie/Jessie are ganging up on Kevin trying to get the truth out.

Now I know why Lydia left. Because it's coming to light that Lydia has been throwing Kevin under the bus (to Jessie) for weeks now.

**Jessie/Nat/Chima are trying to show Kevin that Lydia isn't his friend like he thinks she is. This is good for Ronnie, bad for Lydia. Oh shit. *sigh*

5:11pm BBT:
Convo/Fight still going on...
Jeff asked why not to just ask Lydia.
Chima: "Because she keeps runnin' out of the f*cking room!!"

Kevin/Michele now going back & forth about who said what.
Michele: "Stop lying, Kevin!"
Kevin: "I haven't even said anything yet!"
Jeff: "Just let him talk and then you (Michele) talk."

Chima: (to Kevin) "You have to defend your two-some, by yourself. That's a sign of someone who doesn't have your back!" (re: Lydia)

5:27pm BBT:

Ronnie is trying to get Jeff/Jordan's vote.
Jeff: "I said I'd listen and that's all I can do right now."
Ronnie says okay, and leaves.

5:39pm BBT:
Jeff is trying to figure out who is lying..Michele or Natalie.
Michele/Natalie are going back & forth.

5:46pm BBT:
FINALLY...the fight/convo is over. lol :P Everyone is laughing.
Now let's see what happens later on when Lydia/Kevin talk. That should be interesting!

6:00pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Lydia denies that she ever threw him under the bus. (She's lying.)
Looks like Lydia was crying pretty hard when she was in the Diary Room.
Lydia: "I wish I could tell you what was said to me in there (Diary Room).

She also whispers to Kevin that the Coupe d'etat has not been given out yet. (I'm guessing production told her.)

6:08pm BBT:
Kevin told Lydia about Chima saying Lydia always runs out of the room during fights. Now Lydia wants Kevin to go get Chima so she can straighten things out, but Kevin said it's a bad idea and to wait 10 minutes (to think about it..instead of making that decision emotionally.)

Kevin: "Jessie is trying to seperate us so that he can get you closer to him. We need to focus, right now, on how to keep you here. They have 3 votes for Ronnie. Michele is still the swing vote."

Kevin told Lydia to talk to Michele to make sure she stays. (Lydia's spirit seems to be broken.)

Lydia is just wrote "PERSPECTIVE" on her arm, to keep her focus on the game.

Natalie is in the bathroom (waiting to go pee).
She's pacing back & forth smiling.
BB: "Natalie, please go to the diary room."

Stay tuned...

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