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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Well, I just got done watching tonight's episode of BB and they didn't show any of the fight from last night (I didn't think they would), but that means they will definitley show it on Thursday's live show! I can't wait to see how they edit it & how many times their words are bleeped out. lol I did like how BB showed us the pre-game with Chima/Russell..the flirting, the bickering..then Thursday night, they'll show the explosion! Good times! ;-)

The past 2 hours I was away, here's what happened on the feeds:
*6:32pm BBT: Lydia & Jessie went back & forth roasting each other, bringing up their sexual encounter in a round-about way. Lydia said that he was "little".
*6:38pm BBT: Ronnie told Jess/Nat that Lydia is trying to turn Chima against them (Jess/Nat). So Ronnie is planning on talking to Chima about it before he gets evicted on Thursday night.
*Lydia told Kevin/Michele that Jessie/Natalie need to go up the first chance they get.

Currently on the feeds...

8:24pm BBT:
Pool Room

Jeff just woke Jordan up.

Jordan: "What time is it?"
Jeff: "8:30pm!"
Jordan: "SHUT UP!"
Jeff: "I swear! I was gonna wake you up earlier but you looked so peaceful. You were zonked out!"
Jordan: "I know. What did you make for dinner?"
Jeff: "Chicken. I saved you a plate."
Jordan: "THANK YOU!"

Jeff is talking about when he was outside earlier working out on the elipitcal (BB gave them a new one since Russell broke the other one lol), how Chima kept putting Jessie down & talking crap, and Lydia was defending Jessie. He's also telling Jordan how 'they' were talking crap about Michele.

Michele walks in, Jordan heads out. Jeff was playing with a rope...
Michele: "Were you gonna tie Jordan up with that?"
Jeff: "Ya, right before you walked in. I had to throw it on the floor." (lol)

Jeff leaves.

8:34pm BBT:
Ronnie & Natalie are playing a game of pool.

8:37pm BBT:
Main Bathroom

Jessie is brushing his teeth. Lydia just left.

I'm bored..switching feeds. lol :P

8:39pm BBT:

They're talking about when they were sequestered in the hotel. Jeff didn't order anything but salads because he felt bad spending CBS's money. Chima said she ordered a bunch of food & desserts.

Jordan said she did the same thing as Jeff..ordered cheap food.

Chima: "Why'd you feel bad (about ordering food)? It's CBS! They got money!" (laughs)

Kevin said the spaghetti was HORRIBLE! Chima agrees.

Kevin, Chima, and Jeff are looking at the Food Restrictions (for Have Nots) list to see if he can have coffee.

The rule book says yes, but Kevin still isn't sure so he's gonna go ask production.

Michele just joined Chima/Jordan/Kevin/Jeff in the kitchen.
Natalie/Ronnie are still playing pool outside.
Kevin said the D.R. aren't letting him in right now (they're busy).

Russell just entered the kitchen. (Geez, the tension in the air is so thick between Rus/Chima, that I can feel it through my computer. lol :P )

Alright, ya'll. I'm outta here for the night. As always, see you back here in the morning! :)

Stay tuned...

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