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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Morning in the BB House

The HG's were woken up at 9:30am BBT and Ronnie couldn't wait to go tell Russell about his night adventure, obviously very proud of himself. Russell laughed and called him a "bad boy". lol

Currently on the feeds...

11:06am BBT:
The HG's are on HOH lockdown. It's very quiet. Mostly everybody is sleeping, except Russell/Jordan/Ronnie.

Jordan/Russ are in the HOH bathroom, random chit-chat as Russell shaves his head.

Nothing going on. Russell is still in the bathroom shaving. Ronnie is up but not saying anything.

11:48am BBT:
Still nothing to report. No words have been spoken, the HG's are still on lockdown.

**I'm gonna get offline for the next 5 hours until the Live Show starts so I can run some errands. I'll have the Chat Room open & I'll be reporting the show as it happens for you West Coasters out there! ;-)

See ya'll at 8pm EST/7pm Central/5pm BBT!!!! :-D

Stay tuned...

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