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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Overnighter

Gooooood morning, everybody!! :-D I got up earlier today so I could get the Overnigher done, I have a doctors appointment at 3pm EST (12pm BBT), so I'm going to be offline for about 2-3 hours. I'll do the overnighter, the morning post, and then I'll come back for a mid-afternoon post. Don't worry, I'll get ya'll caught up on anything that happened while I was gone. ;-)

Alright, let's do this!

9:26pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Nat said that she's in love with her boyfriend. Jordan asked if she thinks her boyfriend will be mad when she gets out of the house. Nat says she hasn't crossed the line. (such as sleeping overnight in the HOH bed, kissing, etc.)

Natalie: "I mean, he's probably a little upset."

9:27pm BBT:

Chima got her HOH room

10:52pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kevin talks about how he KNOWS Lydia threw him the bus to Jessie/Nat/Chima, but he still won't let her go.
Kevin: "Lydia is still my friend. I will never cut off a friendship first. The other person would have to be like, peace out."

Kevin: "I'm not a good competitor, I have a good intuition."

11:06am BBT:
Convo continues...

HOH Room
Kevin: (to Jessie)"Am I crazy? something weird between you & I."

Kevin said he's opening up to Jessie because he ISN'T the HOH right now. Jessie took that the wrong way, got pissed, and walked out of the room. Kevin is dumbfounded & confused about why he got pissed, since he didn't say anything mean.

Natalie said that Jessie took it the wrong way; he probably thought Kevin meant that he would ONLY open up to Jessie if he was the HOH & kiss the HOH's ass.

Natalie says for Kev/Jess to talk it out. Kevin said he feels like he HAS to talk to Jessie in front of other people otherwise Jessie will take whatever he said & spin it. Kevin also said that he feels that Jessie is looking for any little thing to grab onto and go with it. (a remark, an action, anything.) But he finally agrees to talk to him alone.

Kevin: "I'm gonna talk to him one on one."

Also, Chima gave Kevin her word that she's not gonna put him up.
Chima: "I'm not gonna put you up. And I mean it."

11:13pm BBT:
HOH Room
*This is their "heart to heart" that Chima wanted.*

They talked about everything from the fight....

Russell: "Everything I said to you, was in the heat in the moment" how Russell is not trustworthy & flips sides every week.
Chima: "You will go where the power lies. right now, it's [Team Jessie's] side."

**Chima is right. Russell said during yesterdays live show that he is loyal to BOTH Jessie & Jeff until he has to make a decision between the two.

11:45pm BBT:
Convo continues...
Russell: "Nobody can fuckin' relate to me! " (Him being in a wheelchair from his bad accident, having to shower in a wheelchair, etc.) He was on the verge of tears.

Chima claimed that she never wanted Russell in 'that' way, and that he's just a "cute friend" that she flirts with.Russell said it made him feel uncomfortable because all the advances kept getting more & more intense.

2:35am BBT:
HOH Room

Chima told Natalie....
Chima: "I don't want Russ to just go up, I want him to go home!"
Chima said that Russell talks alot of crap and lies alot. (The heart to heart did nothing for Russell apparently.)

Natalie: "Then put him up, but if he goes up, he's leaving."
Natalie then tells Chima that it might best to keep Russell in the house because he'd a target, which would make others go after him instead of them (Chima/Natalie/Jessie). Chima said she feels like she has to put Russell up now because she kept saying 'I'm putting him up if I win HOH!' and if she doesn't, she'll seem weak to the other HG's.

Chima goes on to say that she doesn't want someone they can't trust in 'Team Jessie'. Natalie keeps pushing to keep Russell.

Natalie: "Even Michele said tonight on the show that the house is divided. If Russell goes, it only helps [Team Jeff] out."

Chima: "Ya, but if the other side has the wizard power, then Russell will go with them. Then we're screwed (numbers wise)!"

Jessie chimes in with his 2 cents...
Jessie: "If you get rid of him, it makes us weaker."
Chima: "Ya, but Russell got rid of Ronnie, and that made us weaker!"

Chima then says that Michele, Lydia and Russell are her only options (in her mind) for Nominations.

3:15am BBT:
HOH Room

Natalie/Jessie got into a little bit of a heated discussion about Jessie wanting to hang out with Lydia, Natalie wasn't liking that, Jessie said she likes her and wants to hang out with her, Natalie said "Whatever, you're not my boyfriend. You don't need permission." (still obviously pissed).

3:21am BBT:
Pool Room

All 3 were tickling Jeff in his bed.
Jeff: "Everyone is going for my d*ck & I got half a boner."
Jordan comments on Lydia's tights she's wearing.

"Ya, and I'm not wearing anything underneath."
(30 seconds later...)
Jeff: "I don't have a bone anymore."
Lydia: "Uh oh! Jordan, you gotta work on that."
Jordan: "No way!!!"

Lydia wants to play strip poker.
Jeff: "I got chance." (He's only wearing boxers. lol)
Jordan: "Lydia wants to play strip poker, Jeff."
Jeff: "Go get the cards then." (joking)
Lydia: "We should all streak into the backyard and jump in the pool!
Jordan: "Should we? Come on Jeff, let's go."
Jeff: "You guys go. Go for it. If I didn't have a life after this show, I'd do it."
Lydia: "Should we go with clothes on or naked, Jordan?"
Jordan: "Hmm...I don't wanna get wet!"
Jeff: "Ya, she has no problems being naked."

And that's it for the Overnighter! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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