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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Overnight Review

Goooood morning, everybody! ;-) Did ya'll vote for the Coup d'etat? If not, you're outta luck because voting is ovvvahhh. :P As I said yesterday, they're gonna announce it tomorrow on the live show but..let's face it...if Jeff isn't the winner, then something is wrong. lol He's been marked as the front runner with a percentage between 80-90%. That's pretty much a dead giveaway. lol

Alrighty, I'm getting started on the overnighter as my coffee is brewing, so keep checking back!

A BB fan just asked this question this morning:
"Jamie- what do you think? Was the fight staged between Russell/Chima? I might be totally behind on this, but FB feeds at 2:30ish AM 8/1 talk about how they're going to stage a big blowup."

Thanks Liz! Ya, I heard about that a couple days ago and I gotta say...if that WAS a fake fight, then it was very convincing!! lol :P We'll find out tomorrow when we're able to see the Diary Room sessions.

Response from another BB fan:
"Liz, I was thinking the same thing but if you notice at the start of the fight Russell and Chima were alone in the HOH room. If it was all staged they probably would have said something about it when it was just the two of them with nobody around."

And another response:
...But then Chima says she would never say anything about his race..then when they are fighting, doesn't she call him a terrorist?

**Yes, she did call him that.

Let us know what YOU think in the comment section!! :D

10:26pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Russell told Jeff that he had a secret message from his dad.
He said that there is a part in his dads letter where he said "remember the lessons I taught you when you were in elementary & middle school".

Russell said that when he was a kid, there was a boy he didn't like, he got in a big fight with him and then the guy ended up becoming his best friend. So he thinks it means that his father saw the fight between him & Jeff and that message told him to trust him.

10:26pm BBT:
Pool Room

Kevin said he noticed that Jeff wouldn't commit to K/L safety, so it's hard to trust him. Michele said Jeff is slow to trust people because it's a new relationship & that he doesn't even completely trust her (Michele). Kevin says that people shouldn't think of K/L as one person, that each has different minds and ways they are playing this game. They both talk about how Natalie & Jessie both need to go soon. (I think half the house wants Jessie out ASAP.)

They don't like how Jessie talks to women. Kevin says that Jessie is trying to come up with reasons to go after him. Michele said that they now have a reason to go after her since she abandoned their fake alliance. Michele tells Kevin she thinks that Nat/Jessie should go up together & explains to him that it comes down to numbers.

10:58pm BBT:
Pool Table

Russ talks about Jordan being in the hot tub in her clothes.
Jeff said she'll go in her underwear sometimes & that she doesn't care. lol

Russell: "I love how Jordan shaves her legs outside."
Jeff: "Ya, she's completley oblivious to everything. I love that (about her)!"

11:22pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dinning Area

Natalie has lost a marble or two. lol
She was thinking about trying to see if she can break the wine bottle over Jessie's head, and then she says Lydia's name.

Natalie: "You have no idea how good that would feel." (to hit Lydia)

She then took Michele's key and threw it on the floor, several times. Screaming and stomping on it. Natalie loudly screams out "Yabba dabba dabba DOOOOOO!!!!" three times & looks into the camera behind the mirror as she's saying it.

I have no clue what got into that girl. She went wacko for a few minutes. lol

11:30pm BBT:
Workout Room

Lydia had a melt down last night about Jessie & the way he treats her.
Lydia: "I seriously feel like cutting myself right now."
Kevin: "Doooon't."
Lydia: "That's how I feel! I know those (glass) bottles come off the wall.."
Kevin: "Don't say stuff like that."

And then Lydia FINALLY figured it out that Jessie is using her to further himself in the game. Kevin said Jessie has never promised Lydia safety, but would definitley take Natalie to the end with him.

Lydia is pissed that Jessie keeps putting bruises on her body when they play around (Jessie is always rough, but Lydia never tells him to stop..she laughs during the rough playing around). She complains about how he physically hurts her, and that she's tired of it. She's "over it' with Jessie. (Ya, I'll believe that when I see it. lol)

3:25pm BBT:
Main Bathroom
Kevin/Michele/Jeff (was in using the toliet)

Kevin & Michele decided to play a lil prank on Jeff, so they decided to hide in the bathroom shower stalls & wait for him to come out and then they'd jump out to scare him.

Kevin: "RAAWWWWWRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jeff loved the prank!! He was laughing the whole time.
Jeff: "That was a good one!!!"

Then 1 minute later as Jeff is rounding the corner of the living room with Kevin, Jessie pops out from behind a chair & scares Jeff.

Jeff jumped a little but he said that Kevin/Michele REALLY got him good! lol

And that's it for the overnighter! ;-)
Time for the Morning Report!!

Stay tuned...

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