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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

As of 12:06pm BBT, the only HG's up are Russell, Jeff, Michele. Everyone else is snoozing away.

Currently on the feeds...

12:08pm BBT:

Jeff is eating breakfast.
Russell is working out in the backyard.

12:17pm BBT:
Everyone except Russ/Jeff/Michele are still sleeping.

**Yawwwn...somebody wake me up when the HG's get up. lol :P

Yayyy!! Conversations!! lol :D

12:36pm BBT:
Jeff & Russ are telling Michele to stop it with all her lying bullcrap.

Russell: "Just when I begin to trust you again, you do this."

It's hard to hear Russ because he's working out & short of breath, and his mic isn't working well (he needs to get fresh batteries & hasn't done so yet). But Russ is mad because Michele told (I believe it was) Chima that Michele/Russ were talking about erectile dysfunction in rats, when they weren't. Michele said 'it just popped into her head' to say that. Jeff asked her if things ever popped into her head like that before. (lol) They both tell her to knock it off..all her lying.

12:39pm BBT:
Lydia goes outside by where Jeff is sitting.

Lydia: "Can I sit here? Or.."
Jeff: "Ya." (looks confused on why she would ask that)
Lydia: "Okay."
Lydia put a pillow in between them and Jeff looked at her weird.
Jeff: "What are you doing?"
Lydia: "I didn't know if you wanted a divider or not."

She offers him some food, he says no thanks.
Now they're talking about "Bloody Mary" and the whole myth of it. Jeff said that scares him & he's not into that "voodoo stuff". Lydia said it was just a story to scare kids.

Lydia & Michele are talking alone now.
Lydia tells Michele that production called her into the diary room last night to make sure she's was okay. (This was during her whole 'I wanna cut myself' convo with Kevin last night.)

Lydia showed Michele her bruised ass from Jessie.

Michele: "Oh my god!"
Lydia: "Ya, I have to tell him, like..if ever tries to do that again, that no rough play is allowed."

1:04pm BBT:
Jeff just got in the pool.

Michele & Lydia are tanning poolside.

Lydia just showed Jeff her ass bruise.

Lydia: "It hurts!"
Jeff: "Then why do you keep going back for more?"

Michele/Jeff/Lydia are now playing basketball in the pool & having a good time.

2:37pm BBT:
Russell, still pissed/paranoid by catching Michele in yet another lie this morning, he goes & tells Jessie/Natalie what happened. (The whole rat thing. See morning post.) Then he makes his way to see Ronnie in the Pool Room.

Russell told Ronnie that Michele has a PhD and that he thinks Michele played him (Russ).

2:45pm BBT:
It's HOH Picture Time!! :D Russ got his HOH camera and Kevin/Jordan/Lydia had fun with it.

During pictures time, Jordan told Lydia that she is NOT voting for Ronnie, no matter what he says.

3:04pm BBT:
Kitchen Counter
And for you Jeff/Jordan fans, here's a cute shot of them just a little bit ago.

3:17pm BBT:
Backyard Couches
Jeff/Russ are playing catch
Others on the couches

Jordan is telling Kev/Lydia/Michele about Ronnie's (funny) attempt at getting her vote early this morning. They're having a good laugh.

Jordan just admitted that she "KISSED kissed" Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D And the best part is that it happened early this morning as Ronnie was trying to get her vote. LOLLL Lydia/Kevin/Michele cheered with happiness & excitement! lol

3:37pm BBT:
My gawd, the whole 'erectile dysfunction in rats' lie that Michele told is spreading through the house like wild fire and Team Jessie is salivating over it!! Natalie just told Chima...

...and Chima said to "call that bitch out" in a house meeting.

3:41pm BBT:
Russell is getting everybody for a house meeting. (This is gonna be interesting to watch!) Chima & Russell are both fired up, so there should be fireworks shortly.

**If you have the feeds, turn'em on!!

Everyone is waiting for Jeff to get out of the Diary Room.

3:43pm BBT:
The meeting starts!!

Russell is TOTALLY calling Michele out!!!

Russell just apologized to Chima, called her beautiful & strong.
Now Michele is going off on Russell!
(I'll get transcripts later..too much right now!)

Jeff said what he heard from Michele outside and then said "I'm not in this! I said what happened, now I'm done. Curtain closed."

Chima just said that she believes Michele over Russell.

Jordan's face is priceless. lol

Michele just said something that contridicted her own story, Chima & Natalie just called Michele out on it.

(A bunch of he said/she said, that's a lie, that's made out of thin air, etc etc.)

Jeff just left the meeting.
Jeff: "This isn't my f*ckin' battle. I already have 'wounds' on my back, can't see you them?" (everybody laughs..Jeff walks away.)

Natalie is going OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meeting is over (if that's what it was). lol

Michele followed Jeff...
Michele: "What the hell is going on Jeff?"
Jeff: "What the f*ck you asking ME for???"
Michele: "Cuz you talk to Russell!"
Jeff: "Dude..don't even say my f*cking name." (seriously pissed..walks away.)

4:07pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jeff: "She just f*cked herself." (talking about Michele)

4:10pm BBT:
Main Bathroom

Chima is telling Michele that she was loyal to her (Michele) and Michele basically screwed her over.

4:32pm BBT:

There's all kinds of convo's going on in the house.
Jessie/Kevin are talking in the Red Room.
Jordan/Jeff/Russell/Natalie are on the backyard couches talking.
Chima/Michele are talking in the Main Bathroom. (They made up. Friends again.)

**The fight literally had me dizzy. I, along with everybody in the house, have no clue where Michele's loyalty is or even what she's thinking. Then you throw in lies, stories made out of thin air, blaming everybody for stuff that did & did not happen, and that's what the 'house meeting' was.

Russell started off the house meeting saying "I'm done with this game. I'm probably going home next week, so I don't really care (what's about to happen)." Also, after the meeting, Ronnie yelled at Michele and called her a liar, etc etc. He's basically trying to help Team Jessie before he leaves the making sure Michele (the person that is deciding his fate in the game) has a huge target on her back for next week.

(continuing in 2nd post...)

Stay tuned...

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