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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Morning in the BB House

The HG's were woken up at 9am, but everybody but Ronnie & Jessie are up as of 10:10am BBT.

Jordan was up at 6am and she did everything from working out & cooking breakfast, to laundry and taking a shower, but she just went and laid back down about 10 minutes ago.

Currently on the feeds...

10:20am BBT:
Workout Room

Ronnie told Jessie that he went to Jordan really early this morning to try to get her vote. (Note: Jordan told Jeff as soon as Ronnie left that she doesn't believe a word he says. There's no way in hell Jordan will vote for Ronnie.)

Jessie just told Ronnie to keep trying to get votes and that "people behind the scenes" (production) will (basically) rig it for him to stay (for entertainment value). Feeds go immediately to standby mode per Jessie's comment.

Feeds come back & Ronnie is gone.
Natalie enters.

10:25am BBT:

Jessie is telling Natalie how he told Ronnie to seem like Jessie/Nat/Chima aren't talking to him (Ronnie) in hopes of getting a sympothy vote from Jeff, Jordan, or Michele. Jessie said that Ronnie has 3 votes...Natalie/Jessie/Chima..they just need 1 more to keep Ronnie.

10:37am BBT:
Talk about Ronnie & votes continue.

Jessie: "Granted, it's a far cry to get 2 votes to stay, but..."

***I don't think Jessie is thinking clearly. lol There's only 7 HG's voting. :P

10:53am BBT:
Everyone, including Jess/Nat, are sleeping.
The camera man in the Workout Room keeps zooming on the Recycle logo, and then pans back to Jessie for a semi-closeup. lol

11:18am BBT:
HG's still sleeping...

11:55am BBT:

Jeff is the only HG up. (EDIT: Michele is in the shower.)
Jeff is cooking breakfast.

Jordan put her clothes in the dryer & went back to bed.

Stay tuned...

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