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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House (+POV Spoiler)

As of 1:46pm BBT, the live feeds are still on Trivia! The POV Comp is still taking place. Who will win the POV? Who do you want to win the POV? As soon as the feeds come back on, I'll post the spoiler below! :D

The Winner of the POV is:


2:06pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Natalie does not look happy.

Michele told Lydia she did REALLY good...but no confirmation on who won yet.

BB: "Russell, please put on your microphone."
Russell: "F*ck off!"
Jeff told Russell not to worry.

(Okay, so it wasn't Russell. I don't think it's Natalie by the way she's acting, Michele told Lydia she did a good job...I'm guessing it's Lydia but not 100% sure yet!)

It wasn't Jeff, Russ, Natalie...that's 100% confirmed so far.
So it's either Chima, Kevin, or Lydia.

Kevin won it!!! 100% CONFIRMED!!

Kevin said he has to talk to Chima because Chima said that if he took Lydia off, she'd put HIM up next week.
Lydia: "She's not gonna be HOH next week!"

Kevin said he wants Lydia to go with him up to the HOH room to have a meeting with Chima.

2:40pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kevin tells Chima that he wants to honor her wishes as HOH and NOT use the POV. Lydia said she's fine with that, because she knows Russell is the one going home.

Chima thinks Jeff has the wizard power.

Lydia said that she KNOWS & trusts Chima when she says that Russell is going home. So in return, Lydia said that if she wins HOH next week, that Chima is safe.

**So basically...Chima is telling Lydia to stay on the block as a pawn, and Lydia says okay, and offeres Chima saftey. Wow. lol

Chima: "I want a woman to win this game!" (She doesn't include Kevin & even says "sorry, this might be a little backhanded".)

Switching feeds to Storage Room...

2:48pm BBT:
Storage Room

Russell told Jessie to tell people that he (Russell) is the "lone wolf" and he's on his own to try to get votes for him to stay. Jessies says he'll see what he can do.

Russell leaves.
Jessie: (talking to himself) "Sorry dude, you screwed me over twice...and you expect me to go to bat for you? I don't think so." (talking about Russell).

Jessie leaves and goes into the Workout Room.

2:57pm BBT:
Workout Room

Jessie: "All we can do is ride it out & hope for the best."
Natalie brings up the thing from last night: that Jessie should have never told Lydia.
Natale: "I'm not teling you everything anymore. You don't need to know everything."
Natalie can't says she can't trust Jessie anymore.
Jessie: "I'm sorry you feel that way. I understand. If that's what you wanna do, then..okay."

..and it's nap time in the BB house. lol :P

3:14pm BBT:
Everybody is laying down.
Jessie/Natalie in the green room.
Kevin/Lydia in the Red Room (talking to Russell at the moment).
Michele is napping in the Pool Room (I believe Jeff/Jordan are also in there.)
Chima is up, but getting dressed from her recent shower.

All 4 feeds on Russell/Kevin/Lydia laying down in the Red Room talking.

3:27pm BBT:
Red Room
Russell is laying down with his eyes open... it kevin.

Jeff just now got done with this Diary Room session (was a long one, no doubt BB was asking wizard power questions to him)

BB: "Kevin, please go to the Diary Room."
Jeff tells Russell that he'll "shoot some stick" (play pool) with him after he takes a nap.

Jordan/Michele/Jeff are laying down in the pool room.

3:40pm BBT:
Everyone, but Chima, is sleeping. I'm gonna use this downtime to take a break to make & eat dinner. I'll be back later with an Afternoon: Part 2 post! :)

Stay tuned...

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