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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Wow...whatta day!! Seems like the fights just keep on coming, day after day. One person starts them, other people keep'em going, and then BOOM...explosion.

Even after everything that went down this afternoon, I still think Ronnie 'The Rat' will be the one going home tomorrow. I don't see Michele wanting to save him. But then again...who knows. After all, it is Big Brother & stuff changes at the drop of a hat. Tomorrow night can't come fast enough!!

Currently on the feeds...

7:00pm BBT:
All 4 feeds are on Lydia packing. (She's been packing for about 20 minutes now.)

Jordan walks in.
Jordan: "Are you okay sweetie???"

Lydia: "No. I'm goin' home."
Jordan: "NO YOU'RE NOT!! Unless Ronnie has the wizard power, you're staying."

Michele walks in & hugs Lydia. She also reassures her that Lydia is staying.

Lydia tells them that she wanted to "cut herself" yesterday & production called her into the D.R. and told her that she would have to go home if she did that.

Jordan & Michele are shocked, then comforting.
Lydia said she can't stand Natalie anymore.
Jordan leaves the room, Michele stays.

Michele says she's done with Russell. Lydia is too.
Lydia: "He villianized me, you, Kevin..."

Michele is telling her all the lies Russell told during the 'house meeting' today, to make the house turn on her.

7:16pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jordan is going to teach Natalie how to use a tampon (sorry males of the blog! lol)
Natalie: "Do I go pee with it in?"
Jordan: "Umm ya!"
Natalie: "Do you have to re-use the same one?"

**This has to be an act. lol

Oddly enough, Ronnie chimed in a few times to 'teach' Natalie.


7:25pm BBT:
BB: Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go inside until further notice."

**Sidenote: That's the first time I heard that specific 'lockdown' message. Even the HG's are buzzing about it.

And here we go...history repeating itself.
7:32pm BBT:
Workout Room

Lydia was in there, Jessie came in on his own. Jessie wanted to sleep, so she started being annonigly loud..clapping hands, etc. She's saying for him to get out, but her tone isn't very forceful. Jessie said he's not leaving. So she sits back down & says "go for it."

She's playing around with him. Laughing.
Jessie just said that he was 'talked to' (by production) for his physical bruising on Lydia.

7:43pm BBT:
Lydia just told Jessie that she wanted to cut herself yesterday.
(Feeds go to standby)
They come back for 3 seconds and Jessie is talking to the camera...

Jessie: "You f*ckin' heard that shit! Not me!"
Feeds cut off again.

Feeds back.
Lydia/Jessie still talking/arguing.
Lydia: "Be happy you're still here..week 4. Lightning didn't strike twice."
Jessie: "You just told me that you wanted to cut yourself because of ME! What am I supposed to do?"
Lydia: "Maybe ask yourself what you did to make a person feel that way?"
Jessie: "I'm sorry, mama. Hate me if you want. I can'

Natalie is listening to the convo from the hallway.


The HG"s are getting voice calls from BB fans over the loudspeakers!!!

Jessie: "This shit is gonna happen all night!"

BB Caller: "Don't sleep so much!"
Jessie: "F*ck you bitch!"

One of the messages said for Natalie to take a shower. LOL
Kevin: "I pressed the thing and it started playing the messages."
Michele: "They're gonna be playing voicecalls all night."

One message was a song called "Big Brother Friends Forever". lol

Another message:
"People in glass houses shouldn't eat tuna" was directed at Jeff. LOL

They tried pressing the button again but nothing happened. lol

More messages come on...
"Houseguests PLEASEEE stop whinning! We're watching you & you always complain, complain, complain. You're in the big brother house...SUCK IT UP!"
Natalie: "Then stop watching us!"

There was a couple of messages that pertained to brushing teeth. The HG's don't get who that was directed to (me neither). I wonder if it's Natalie because the camera zoomed in on her during those messages. lol Would make sense since she's only showered once this week.

"Turn to your left...turn to your right...those people beside you are lying."
That was a favorite. lol :P

8:25pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

They both say they're not targetting each other. Russell is going over lies & truths. He's saying that Michele is a big liar in the game & trying to cover her tracks.

Russell: "Be very very careful of her. She comes off nice, but it's all fake. I like you alot, I think you're careful (with Michele)."

More messages!!

Jessie looks beyond irritated. lol (Him & Lydia are still in the Workout Room talking.)

Jordan: "Not one of those messages have been positive!"
Kevin: "They HATE us!"

**Alrighty, I'm outta here everyone. I'm gonna enjoy the feeds for a while and then watch Big Brother: After Dark on showtime @ 12am EST. If you wanna watch the HG's get woken up all night about every 15 mins by messages, then get the live feeds! It's gonna be hilarious! lol :P G'dnight, ya'll!!

Stay tuned...

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