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Friday, August 7, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House (Updated!!)

Okay guys & dolls, I'm back! :D At 12:30pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means the Food Comp (Have/Have Not's) has begun!!

While I was away, here is what happened...

11:14am BBT:
HOH Room
Chima asked Michele if she were to put up Russell, would there be enough votes to get him out. Michele never answers the questions, instead she said the house is worried about the wizard power & who will be nom'ed.

Chima: "Jeff and Jordan are the least of my concerns. My main concern is Russell. Do I put him up and try to get him out? My fear is that if I put him up and he takes himself off, then he'll come after me."

Natalie enters. Chima tells her she's unsure to put up Russell, Natalie says that Russ/Lydia are in bed together downstairs, that's enough for Chima..

Chima: "Well then, I guess I have my nominations."

Chima, now knowing that she's putting Lydia/Russell up, strikes a deal with Michele.
Chima: "If I leave you off the block, can you promise me 100% that next week you will leave both myself and Natalie off the block."
Michele: "Yes. I can promise you both that."

Chima talks to Michele/Natalie about Russell being a strong POV player & she considers Jordan as a possible pawn (she'd gun after Lydia) if Russell were to win it. (POV)

Natalie: (to Michele) "Whatever happens, are you going to vote the way Chima wants you to vote?"
Michele: "Yes."

Chima wants all girls at the end of the game (minus Lydia).

Natalie went and filled Jessie in on all the details.
Natalie/Jessie ask Chima to consider gunning for Lydia, instead of Russell, and get back 'NBK' (Natural Born Killers..aka Team Jessie). Chima doesn't like the idea & passes on it. Jessie submits & is greatful that at least he's not being nom'ed.

Chima, who said eariler to Michele that she's curious to why Jeff/Jordan haven't been up in the HOH to talk to her, told Jeff that she'd like to speak with him & Jordan after the food comp is over. Jeff said okay.

***Sidenote: Last night, when Natalie was talking to Jeff outside, Natalie asked him if he would go up & speak to Chima. Jeff said no because he doesn't do that with anyone that's been HOH (so far) and it would make Chima question why he's starting now.

As of 1:19pm BBT, the Food Comp is still underway!!
While we're waiting...

The video of Ross Mathews interviewing Ronnie is finaalllly up! Ch..che..check it out! ;-) Ross Mathews Interviews Ronnie!!

1:34pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Kitchen Area

All of them are talking about how the actor Jeremy Piven was in the BB house!! (That's why we had trivia.)

(The Have/Have Nots Comp was not held yet.)

2;14pm BBT:
Trivia on the feeds...
(Have/Have Nots Comp has started)

3:26pm BBT:
Feeds still on Trivia...

Stay tuned...

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