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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Evening in the BB House

The BB house has been rather calm all day, and the mood is still the same as I start the evening post.

Currently on the feeds...

6:22pm BBT:
Kitchen Area
Chima made a smart-ass comment to Russell about Michele being his "girlfriend", he said he's just hanging out with out her & getting to know her.

Russell goes outside & tells Jessie what just happened.

7:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

Russell has HAD IT with Chima. He wants to go off on her & he said it's coming soon. He's tired of her "loud ass mouth" and her catty ways. Jessie tries to calm the waters by telling him that's just the way she is and to not stress about it.

"Can we switch? You take Chima, I'll take Natalie."
(Jessie laughs.)
Russell: "The reason why a guy GENERALLY wins Big Brother..and I'm sorry America...but it's because we (men) know how to control our emotions. Women DON'T!"
Jessie: "Well, that'll be their downfall. Let's just get to the end & let them turn on each other."

They both the leave the room.

7:10pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
Russell is going, to Jeff, about Chima.

Russell: "She's not my fking girlfriend! Ughh..I don't even wanna hear her fking laugh anymore."
Jeff: (spitting) "I just had an ant in my mouth, if that makes ya feel any better."

7:30pm BBT:

Russell tells Natalie too cool it between her & Lydia, and that he's tired of Chima's remarks.

She was confused at first, but then understood what he meant.

7:46pm BBT:
And Russell just broke the eliptical. LOL

Kevin: "There's no even repairing that. The metal is like, sheared. Cut in half."
Russell: "I could have fked up my knee on that shit!"
Jessie: "It wouldn't have mattered. You signed the waiver saying that even if you died in here, they're not liable.

7:58pm BBT:

Jeff & Michele are cooking dinner.

8:00pm BBT:
Pool Room

Ronnie is telling Chima that he wouldn't be surprised if Russell put up somebody like Jessie or Natalie to ensure he (Ronnie) goes home. Chima doesn't think that will happen.

Chima is throwing Russell under the bus. Ronnie follows her lead.
Ronnie: "He wants to break [Team Jessie] up."
Chima: "Maybe I'll put his ass up [if I win HOH]." (talking about Russell)

As of 8:26pm BBT, Ronnie & Chima are still talking. Ronnie told Chima to get Russell out next week & that he'll be cheering from home for her to win HOH.

8:28pm BBT:
Alright guys & gals, I'm outta here for the night! I still haven't seen tonight's episode because I was watching the feeds. So I'm gonna watch that, then watch BB After Dark until I pass out! G'dnight ya'll! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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