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Monday, August 3, 2009

Morning in the BB House

Some of the HG's are up, while others are getting yelled at by BB to get the hell outta bed. lol :P

Currently on the feeds...
9:46am BBT:
Outside HOH

Russell woke up, fussed around in the bathroom for a while, then opened up the HOH door to discover Lydia & Kevin's prank.

He had no expression on his as he tore the saran wrap off of the door, then went downstairs to change the batteries for his mic.

10:43am BBT:
Red Room

Jordan has been up for a little bit, while Jeff hasn't moved from the bed. She goes in to see what he's up to & they have a little flirting time that is super cute!

Jordan puts on Kevin's glasses...

and Jeff is diggin' them on her.
Jeff: "You look like a nerdy secretary...I LIKE IT!"

10:57am BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan is telling Russell how Jessie has been in a bad mood & looks at her (Jordan) like he's bitter because he's not in control of the house for the first time.

Jordan: "If you & Jeff weren't here, Jessie would walk to the end! Because Lydia obviously likes him, Lydia & Kevin are close, and Natalie & Chima are close to him. The only two people in the way are you & Jeff! Jeff will be first, then you'll be 2nd."
Russell: "I'm not dumb, I see know that. I just can't do anything about it right now. Unless you or Jeff win HOH."

Russell said that he trusts Jordan the most in the house.

Talk turns to the HOH comp last week.
Jordan: "I was tellin' Jeff to PLAY IT OUT!! (hoh comp) because I thought for sure you'd put me & Jeff up. Then when he dropped, I was like yelling at him and he said he couldn't hang anymore & that ya'll made a deal. I was like "He's gonna put us up!" and he was like "Jordan CALM DOWN! We're okay."
Russell: (giggling) "You guys are like an old married couple."

Russell & Jordan are now doing a little bit of bashing on Jessie. Russell said that Jessie's muscles are "all show", and Jordan calls him "stupid", to which Russell says "Really stupid!". (lol)

Russell now going off about Chima and how she called Lydia a "whore" and that she would probably suck Russell's 'love muscle'. (lol)

Russell: "She's a f**king drama queen!"

Sidenote: A few blog fans have commented that they heard the other day that Russell & Chima were gonna "fake fight". I never heard that, and even if they did say that, I genuinely believe that he's been honest (in regards to not liking her). Hopefully we'll see his Diary Room sessions on tomorrow nights episode that will clear this up either way! :D

"Kevin, please go to the diary room."
Jordan: "That's the second time they've called him (today)!"
Russell: "You think Kevin got it?" (Coupe de'tat)
Jordan: "I don't knoowwww. I know it's not me! Every time I go into the diary room, I get all excited (thinking I'll get the wizard power) and..nothing. Then I'm like 'what do ya'll want'." (gives a sour-puss facial expression) "I hope it's not Ronnie!"

11:23am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Michele woke up with a headache, so she took a quick nap on the BY couch. Jeff sat quietly on the other couch smoking.

Michele woke up & was stunned to see him there. lol

11:27am BBT:
Jeff is watering the garden.

Jordan went outside & screams that she's happy the clouds went away (it was an over-cast this morning).

"You're like obsessed with watering this garden!"
Jeff: "Ya, 'cause it doesn't talk back."
Jordan laughs & tells him to shut up.

11:32am BBT:
HOH Room

Russell is in the shower. Jordan is on the bed.

Feeds switch to...

11:33am BBT:
Random convo here & there.

Michele: "Can't wait until this thing (POV Ceremony) is over. I wanna jump in the pool."

Jeff: "Oh, I know! I wanna throw my trunks on right now."
Then silence.

Natalie was complaining to Chima about Jessie being an asshole to her yesterday and she told him to not talk to her that way, and that she ignored him last night when he tried to wake her up.

11:41am BBT:
Chima/Natalie (then Jessie a minute later)
Then Jessie enters the kitchen area.

Natalie: "Lydia, do you know where the heating pad is?"
Jessie: "Just use an ice pack, it's the same thing." (walks away)

11:43am BBT:
Jessie goes up the HOH room, not knowing Jordan was in there. He went to leave, but Russell told him he could stay.

Not much of a convo before the feeds auto-switched to...

11:46am BBT:
Backyard Couches

2 minutes later, only Jeff is out there.

Sidenote: The POV Ceremony should be starting soon.

11:51am BBT:
Pool Room
Ronnie is still sleeping, as Michele fusses with some clothes.

At 12:14pm BBT, the feeds switch to trivia!! Time for the POV Ceremony.

Stay tuned...

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